Steel frames for Residential Framing, Roof Trusses and Floor Joists

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Steel Wall Prefabricated Frames

At Steel Frames & Trusses, we provide made-to measure and made-to order steel wall frames. Each product is precision engineered to enable safer, easier and faster installation.  Our steel frames are non-combustible, 100% termite proof and free from chemicals often used to treat timber.

Steel Roof Trusses

Steel roof trusses built by us are fully engineered, light weight and easy to install. Top quality steel procured from TRUECORE® ensures great performance year after year, giving you maximum durability, reliability and architectural flexibility.  

Steel Floor Joists

Steel floor joists are becoming popular thanks to the impressive strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Our precision manufacturing process and advanced engineering software ensures our flooring systems and trusses allow greater precision for the finish all home owners love..  

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At Steel Frames & Trusses, we procure world class quality steel from TRUECORE® giving you one of the most reliable products in the industry. Prefabricated and accurate, frames made with the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel are straight and true resulting in strong lines and a beautiful finish.

Our frames for every project are individually engineered which results in faster installation, minimum wastage and of course, less worry for the homeowner, builder and architect. TRUECORE® steel is made by BlueScope, the manufacturers of COLORBOND® steel. TRUECORE® steel is made to all relevant Australian standards and tested for quality and consistency.

How is that for peace of mind?

Steel Framing Brochure For Builders
Steel Framing Brochure For Homeowners
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